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July 19, 2010



i love how sound helped tell the story as much as images. i especially like the visual/audio description of the mall. brilliant animation!


I saw Toy Story 3 and Inception back to back, which was a bad idea because now I can barely remember what Toy Story 3 was about...

Mooch Rex

Caught "Inception" as well. I really dug it, but didn't think it was the "second coming" of film as we know it. Loved the way the film built to that dream upon dream upon dream crescendo, and the "Hallway Fight" was pretty damn cool!

"Breaking Bad" is an incredible show! You're going to be shocked where it goes. Stay with it if your interest is only piqued right now. It's one of the best dramas on the tele right now!

"Limbo" hit the Xbox today! I nabbed it this morning to avoid the rush. I'm DYING to get home to play it tonight!! The reviews have been stellar!

cory schmitz



@Mooch Yeah I think the hallway fight was my favorite. Considerably refreshing after all the bullet time remixes on movies these days.

@Mooch & Cory You know, I'm not entirely convinced yet! I've only gotten through the first three episodes. Bryan Cranston does an absolutely incredible job acting the part, but that meth-head sidekick of his is too methy and makes me nervous. I guess we'll get another disc and see how it goes...

Rahul Ganjoo

On the topic of breaking bad, yeah,stick with it. It can take time to get into it but if you stay with it, by a few episodes into S2 you'll probably be swearing by it.That 'meth-head sidekick'(Aaron Paul) is really the star of S3 and has a solid lock on the Emmy this year.BB S3 really has been my fav season of any current TV show recently.

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