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July 07, 2010



Eastwood was easy. I'm trying to find Tuco...wash basin guy might count, but still hopin to find a more accurate one...


I really want to know who the character in the hot tub is.

Michael Sippey

There used to be a restaurant in the Lower Haight called Spaghetti Western. I ate there a *lot*. They had great eggs. And biscuits. And when I saw the headline "Spaghetti Western Inventory" what instantly came to mind was their menu. And now I'm super hungry. Damn you, Tiff Chow.


Well now *I'm* hungry and without a time machine. Damn you, Michael Sippey, and your tasty Spaghetti Western stories!

Timothy Buckwalter

I used to love that place. Wasn't it run by the Hells Kitchen people?

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