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November 12, 2010



looooooove these! i want to see more asap!


Workin' on it! ;)


♡ these a lot. : )

Mooch Rex

These are great, Tiff! Are you working on a Wacom?

Quick tip for maintaining all of the detail in your line work: After you scan in your pencil drawing, double click it to change it from a BG layer to a regular layer. Then select "Multiply" for that pencil layer in the layer property drop down. You can then create subsequent layers under your main layer, add color, etc., without altering your main pencil drawing at all.

Can't wait to see more!


Thanks Mooch! I'll try that out.


I love the first one best - In the Sky. Just brilliant!


NICE. You have talent! Wish I can create something half as good as that with my hands!


They look wonderful. I'm jealous, I want a tablet haha

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