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November 22, 2010


Mooch Rex

Haha! All of these are aces, but "What The Cat" is magical!

Mister Raroo

This is pretty much the raddest thing I've seen in a long time. I love making up fake games! Your cover art is so wonderful. :-)


Thanks Mooch & Mister Raroo!

Garth Webb

Yah, I'd have to say that "What the Cat" is my favorite, but I would be hard pressed to choose just one second favorite!

Account Deleted

This is awesome stuff, I'm lolling over everything! You have to post more, .tiff!


Wow, not even a new years post? Why don't you post how awesome your brother is, teaching you to make you bosses and stuffs?

Mario Ayoub

pretty sweet game cover art dude...lets see some more!



Chris the Playstation Move guy

Mystery pizza!


you just have drawn like a brilliant artist. Gotta hit like button for this :D

r4 for the ds

Its a very nice post, i really like your post. Your concept of this blog is good. The Ghostly pizza and leaser Wizard are very nice title.

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