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November 08, 2010



Awesome review. I'm sold!


I <333 that top image so much.

We found a whole vintage arcade here in PDX that had 8-bit Dia de los Muertos art (painted on Super NES cartridges, bien sur. I thought of you, but I was Too Drunk to Facebook. ;)


Woah, 8-bit Dia de Los Muertos! That sounds awesome 0_0!!!


So funny!

Who has "6 to 8 ft. of distance away from the TV (!) to play" in Japan!!? Sometimes that's gonna be your neighbor's room or "you are in rock (wall)".


I know! It feels like this was designed for use in large suburban homes... not tiny urban apartments like mine :/ Oh well, that's what rich friends with big houses are for, right???


Okay! I gotta work hard this week to get a large home for Kinect! :) LOL.

Chris the Playstation Move Reviews guy

Playstation MOve is better ;)

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